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Student Accommodation Debt Recovery with AMS Solicitors Preston

Student accommodation is one of the fastest growing rental markets in the UK. Many investors are attracted to the returns it can provide, but those returns also come with an element of risk.

This specialist market calls for a specialist approach to debt recovery.

AMS Solicitors Preston - Student Accommodation Debt Recovery

AMS have an experienced team who understand the unique issues associated with students, who can help you recover your losses without hurting your business.

Today’s students are different

Several factors make the student accommodation market unique within debt recovery. First, a lot of students are living away from home and managing their own finances for the first time.

Second, today’s students are increasingly thinking of themselves as “customers” – with higher expectations of their universities and their accommodation than ever before. And third, they’re technologically savvy – particularly when it comes to social media. As a result, a “bad experience” can go viral overnight.

AMS Solicitors are a firm that understand that using a heavy-handed approach to debt recovery may get your money back in the short-term, but it could do long-term damage to your brand and reputation.

Understanding the process

AMS Solicitors are one of the market leaders in student debt recovery, and we already act for some of the UK’s biggest accommodation providers. We understand the most important things for a student accommodation business are to maintain high occupancy rates, grow rental income, and have exceptional service standards. Our recovery methods are designed to support those aims.

AMS Solicitors specialist debt team work closely with their clients to improve students’ experience and their dealings with the guarantors – typically Mum and Dad. Our unique approach delivers excellent levels of recovery with very low levels of student and university grievance.

Our credentials

We’re active members of the County Court Users Group (CCUA) and the Institute of Credit Management (ICM). This means we’re constantly up-to-date with best practice, and with any changes in legislation. We’re also regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

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