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Debt Recovery

All businesses – from sole traders to FTSE 100 companies – rely on cashflow for their survival. So outstanding debts and invoices aren’t just an inconvenience; they’re a risk to your business. At AMS, we know that there are certain things you want to spend time on – and collecting money isn’t one of them. That’s why we offer a comprehensive, bespoke debt recovery service. In short, we do the chasing, so you don’t have to.

Understanding the process

You need an experienced team of commercial collectors and lawyers who understand all the recovery options available. You would like a team who can take a holistic view of each debt and focus on the fastest, most cost effective method of recovering that debt. You would like the option for the entire process to managed from start to finish with services that include: pre-legal advice, letters before action, court proceedings, obtaining judgments, issuing and serving statutory demands, winding-up procedures for companies, bankruptcy of individuals, tracing debtors, and legal recoveries training.  AMS Solicitors are that team.

Training your team

You know that one of the best ways to support you in your debt recovery situations is by giving your team the benefit of our expertise. You need a firm to  run bespoke training sessions for you and your staff  typically covering credit management, insolvency, and specialist enforcement. That support comes from AMS Solicitors.

Is your debtor in Scotland – we can now offer help with debt recovery in Scotland via our alliance with one of Scotlands premier Debt Recovery Practices. Contact us for more details.

Our credentials

AMS Solicitors are active members of the County Court Users Group (CCUA) and the Institute of Credit Management (ICM). This means we are constantly up-to-date with best practice, and with any changes in legislation. We are also regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.