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At AMS, we do everything we can to resolve a dispute without the need to litigate. However, even though we keep it as the last resort, sometimes litigation is the only option. In those situations, our experienced, assertive team of lawyers will represent your interests and ensure the best possible result for you. Our main area of expertise is personal injury, but we also offer commercial and real estate litigation advice.

Personal Injury Litigation

You will know that an  injury can have profound personal and physical implications. You will want to work with solicitors that although they can’t promise to get your life back to exactly where it was before,  can certainly help to minimise the financial impact your injury has on you and your family. Those solicitors are AMS Solicitors.

You need a solicitor who understands the circumstances around your injury and who will conduct an initial interview with you, free of charge and advise you of your options going forward.  That advice will come from AMS Solicitors

You will want specialists who can help in several areas, including road accidents, workplace accidents, professional negligence, large loss and catastrophic injury, and fatal accidents. You want a company whose strength in personal injury law is reflected in the fact that they are members of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. That specialist is AMS Solicitors.

Commercial and Real Estate Litigation

You will be looking for  Commercial and Real Estate lawyers with years of experience and outstanding expertise, who will assist in resolving disputes quickly, professionally and pragmatically. You will want them to also pay particular attention to minimising your  exposure to risk.  You will want to know that when a solution can’t be found, those solicitors have all the skills necessary to represent your position in court and help you successfully navigate complex and high-value disputes.  That expert is AMS Solicitors.

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