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AMS Solicitors Loyalty Scheme – Personal Injury

Satisfied clients or customers are the best form of advertising for any business. AMS Solicitors is known for delivering an excellent service for all its clients, and wishes to reward the loyalty of its satisfied clients if they recommend a new client to us, or decide to instruct us to act on their behalf again in the future.

AMS Solicitors is mindful of the provisions of The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders’ Act 2012, and will not breach any of those provisions. Accordingly AMS Solicitors will not make any payment for referrals as defined under the Act.

The Scheme
1. To be eligible for a payment under this Scheme, the initial contact with us MUST come from the recommended client directly. No information regarding the recommended client or their prospective claim may be provided to us by another party prior to our agreeing to act on the recommended client behalf. This means that if you do recommend us to a potential client, you should ask them to call us direct. To help us identify you as the Recommender, please make sure the recommended client provides us with your full name and contact details when they contact us.

2. Where the recommended client informs us that we have been recommended to him or her by a recommender, the recommender shall be eligible for a payment under this Scheme, subject to the terms herein.

Alternatively, if the recommended client is a former client of ours, and no payment under this Scheme is claimed by another person in respect to their case, then the recommended client shall be eligible for a payment under this Scheme, subject to the terms herein.

3. Please note that we can only make a payment to a recommender under this scheme if the recommended client contacts us in accordance with clause 1 above. If a recommender attempts to provide us with a recommended client’s details, or details of their prospective claim, we will not be able to make any payment to the recommender, as this would constitute a breach of LASPO.

4. No payment under this Scheme shall become payable until 28 days after a full admission of both negligence and causation has been made in respect of the recommended client claim by the other side’s insurers and (if applicable) payment of the Stage 1 Portal fees has been received by us.

5. Any payment under this scheme shall only be made to the recommender.

6. No payment shall be made under this Scheme in respect of files transferred to us from other firms of solicitors.

7. In the event that the recommended client wishes to instruct us in respect of a separate matter at a later date, no additional payment shall be made to the recommender in the original claim

8. The payment made under this Scheme will be £100.00, unless the matter is a MIB Untraced case, where it will be £50. The amount of the payment made under this Scheme may be amended from time to time without notice at the absolute discretion of the Directors of AMS Solicitors.

9. In all cases where payment is made under this Scheme, that payment will be disclosed in writing to the recommended client.

10. In accordance will the provisions of Chapter 4 of the Solicitors Code of Conduct 2011, a recommender under this scheme (or another on their behalf) will not be provided with information relating to the progress of recommended clients claim, except for confirmation as to whether or not they are due a payment under this Scheme.
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