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Motorbike Accidents

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on our roads. From car drivers and other road users to pedestrians there are lots of hazards out there that can cause a potential life changing accident. Defects in the road surface such as defective tarmac and pot holes, mud, oil and also spillages can all be particularly hazardous to our motorcyclists. Accidents can be severe and life changing and you will need a solicitor who can act on your behalf to ensure you receive the best advice and full compensation for your injuries. Often a bike accident will be deemed ‘catastrophic’ for the rider and/or their passengers. Bikes are more likely to be written off than other motor vehicles and the claim for loss will often include the expensive helmets and clothing, loss of earnings, help with day to day care amongst other things. Your solicitor will need to be aware of all the elements of the claim and be able to assist you with replacement vehicles and equipment. That solicitor is AMS Solicitors.

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