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Conveyancing - Stressful journey

I cant sleep and it’s all because I’m moving house. I phone my solicitor 15 times a day but it doesn’t make any difference - and now my solicitor won’t talk to me. What’s up with me Doc?

Well actually I’m not your Doctor - but maybe you should see your Doctor because you’re suffering from what is for most people the most stressful thing they ever do. You’d think, wouldn’t you, that it would be fairly easy? After all, at the end of the day you are just exchanging ownership of a house for a load of money and a signed bit of paper. Once you’ve done that, you can move in. Why should that be so much different from paying cash in exchange for a car, and driving it away?

It can of course be very simple. I remember once being phoned by an estate agent one Saturday morning. He said he had two people with him, one wanted to sell his house, the other to buy it. The house was empty, and therefore ready to move into. He had the deeds with him and it was free of mortgage. The buyer had just come back to this country and was living in a hotel with all the money required sitting in his bank account.

I got in touch with another local solicitor and we went through the paperwork in a few hours and signed it all up by the end of the day. We had to wait until Monday so that I could carry out my searches, and the banks had opened so that the money could be transferred across. It was the fastest transaction I’ve done - the buyer was in by Monday afternoon and the seller had received his money.

But every single transaction I have had since has been more difficult – and that’s because never again have all those facts coincided as they did then. It couldn’t have been done if just one of those facts was absent.

And the longer the chain of transactions, the more difficult it becomes, simply because of the logistics of getting all the paperwork set up and umpteen sets of people lined up to move on the same morning.

And like everything else these days, the pace of life has quickened and people are in more of a hurry. Which brings me onto your last comment. Why not take a deep breath and calm down? Your solicitor knows you’re there and wants to move you as fast as he can, but all those telephone calls are stopping him working. I can’t give you medical advice – but I do find a stiff drink helps.

We here at AMS Solicitors in Preston offer a friendly and professional residential conveyancing service, taking the stress of buying or selling your property.

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