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Possessory Title

We have been looking for ages to find the right plot of land on which to build our own house. We searched in all these different places. It was a dream come true to finally come across the ideal plot. However, although the title is registered, we understand it has been acquired after adverse possession and has what it called possessory title. This is a spanner in the works.We don’t really want to spend say £200,000 building the house of our dreams only to find there’s a problem. We were going to use solicitors who do residential conveyancing in Preston. Is there any real risk of things going wrong or are we just being super-cautious? We looked for solicitors in Preston, who are conveyancing solicitors. I wanted Solicitors near me who gave me a competitive Conveyancing quote and competitive conveyancing fees.

Be careful. Usually when you purchase land with registered title the state via the Land Registry guarantees the title. The conveyancing solicitors cannot decide this. The effect of the Land Registry registering the land with only ‘Possessory Title’ is to warn you that the guarantee is severely limited. The solicitors in Preston tried to give me good advice in relation to this. My heart was set on buying this plot of and building a house on it. If the true owner turns up, and can prove valid title to the land that he has not lost it, then you’ll have to give it back to him – or negotiate to buy it off him.

With a large expensive house built unlawfully on someone else’s land, after long expensive litigation through Conveyancing solicitors, you wouldn’t be in a very good bargaining position. You will incur more conveyancing fees after going through the hassle of getting more conveyancing quotes. After land with possessory title has been held for twelve years, you can ask the Land Registry via your conveyancing solicitors to upgrade it to absolute title. So, if the seller has owned it for that long, you should make sure he upgrades it before you buy.

Until recently you would have been safe at that point, but recently you would have been safe at that point, but recent Human Rights law has undermined the whole concept of adverse possession. It is said to be contrary to a true owner’s human rights that his ownership of land can be potentially taken away by default. Solicitors in Preston are wary of this now.

Many people seek insurance cover from their Residential Conveyancing Solicitors as the ideal solution to this sort of technical problem. We used solicitors near us in Preston.

AMS Solicitors in Preston offer a friendly and professional residential conveyancing service, taking the stress of buying or selling your property/land. They are residential conveyancing solicitors in Preston who offer quick conveyancing and competitive Conveyancing fees.

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